I believe in the importance of SEO and PPC initiatives, because sometimes writing exceptional content just isn’t enough. However, I believe these services should be used strategically.

  • Sometimes investing in SEO for content marketing or website copy is best.
  • Other times investing in SEO for advertising campaigns is a smarter use of those dollars.

It often depends on the type of business and how competitive the market is for targeted keywords and phrases.

Keyword and Competitive Research
The key to success on the Web is understanding your competition. If you need competitor or keyword research, I have a professional who works in this area and can help you. I prefer to focus on using the research to create copy that helps your business become a key player.

Google Ads
I write targeted Google ad copy that is competitive and gets results. My work includes refreshing outdated ads that were not performing well, creating brand new ads from scratch, and implementing and managing Google AdWords campaigns. I also write targeted landing pages for ads (an important part of the process) to increase conversions.

Facebook/LinkedIn/Other Ads
If your client base is more active on Facebook or LinkedIn, I can help you advertise there too. The idea is the same although the process and budgets are slightly different. Most of my clients use Google for PPC advertising, however. It is also worth noting that paid advertising on Google can help improve the website’s presence in organic search results at the same time.

Analytics, Setup and Reporting
If you have Google Analytics on your website but need someone to help you interpret the results, I can create reports and help you analyze traffic patterns to determine areas for improvement. I can also make sure your website is properly set up to be crawled by Google’s bots, that it has been submitted for indexing (otherwise nobody will find it), and that your business is showing up in Google’s listings.

Relationship Management
My experience includes working with third-party vendors, outside companies, and employees of all kinds (from entry-level to executive) to facilitate communications and accomplish digital marketing goals.

I am often asked to maintain websites directly in WordPress, including text updates, menu changes, layout changes and graphics swaps. This allows me to more quickly bring to market landing pages for ads, product or service specials, and changes to staff or business offerings.

Still Not Sure?

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