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My company had been searching for a writer for some time and we found a total star in Elizabeth.  She is truly a fantastic writer who is able to capture our company’s vision and translate it onto paper. Her writing has helped get us both local and national recognition in many of the top media outlets. Thank you Elizabeth for everything.

Dr. Saam Zarrabi
Founder, Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics

Content is the next big thing in advertising, and I do more content marketing than anything else. Content marketing should not be viewed as a faster and cheaper marketing technique. It isn’t. But what it is is a tool to produce more loyal customers, better overall customers, and customers who are willing to share their story. It’s also a strategic business activity that complements your traditional marketing initiatives by helping you build an audience.

I build a unique content strategy for each client that:

  • Supports overall marketing goals
  • Offers interesting and relevant information
  • Increases sales opportunities
  • Tells the right story
  • Builds brand awareness

My work includes copywriting, designing editorial calendars, taking full ownership of content initiatives, creating targeted original content, and even handling publication through WordPress and email marketing.

Blogs, Articles and Related Content

I have over a decade of experience writing blogs and articles, generating effective customer-facing communications, and writing SEO-friendly copy. My work also includes editing existing content for flow and overall effectiveness, and creating skillful versions of content for SEO purposes (sometimes required for certain businesses).

I can also help you use content to improve your social media presence or repurpose it for digital newsletters and other marketing initiatives.

Read my content marketing case study.

Digital Newsletters and E-Blasts

I routinely create and manage email campaigns on behalf of clients. These are useful for driving brand messaging, increasing engagement, improving sales, and publicizing events and specials. My work includes:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Sales and event announcements
  • Quick e-blasts
  • Other promotional content

I maintain distribution lists, create events and RSVPs, share content via social media, and report back on engagement. My emails average a 30-35% open rate (2017 industry-wide average is 24%) and I use analytical data to further target future email campaigns.

Read my email marketing case study.

SEO Content Marketing

Optimizing your content with keywords is often – but not always – a good financial investment. It depends on your business and industry.

Sometimes the competition for organic results is so steep that a better use of your dollars is to create high quality, non-optimized content that can be used in a variety of marketing activities, and then invest in SEM to help move your website up in the rankings.

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