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Elizabeth is an exceptional writer who possesses the rare ability to distill complex ideas and technical concepts into engaging and persuasive marketing copy. She is forward-thinking, responsive, and a consummate professional.

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White Ocean Consulting specializes in targeted business and marketing communications for both external and internal objectives.

  • Need content, marketing materials or documentation? You’re in the right place.
  • Have crappy communications and want something better? You’re in the right place too.
  • Don’t even know where to start with your communications? Don’t worry, this is my specialty.

Whether you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your website content, generate more inbound traffic, or identify where the disconnect is in your new training program, creating effective communications is what I do best.

General Communications Consulting

My focus areas include copywritingcontent marketing, inbound marketing, internal communications, technical writing, newsletters/e-blasts, and SEM ad copy. I also revamp poorly written communications, create and manage editorial calendars, design and implement email marketing campaigns, and make recommendations on overall communications strategy. Looking for UX strategy? Scroll down a bit further.

Project Management

I take full ownership of editorial calendars, website content updates/additions, content marketing campaigns, newsletter/e-blast campaigns, and related initiatives. If you need to outsource an entire function (i.e. content marketing) I can handle it.

Evaluation, Editing and Revamping

Sometimes an organization has a number of existing communications that need improvement. I can evaluate your existing content, documentation or marketing materials and make recommendations on improvements, which I can then implement fully or transition back to you.

UX Strategy/Usability Consulting

Clients come to me for advice on issues such as traffic drop-off, high support requests, overall website/software effectiveness and the end user experience. UX consulting work is most applicable during UI design or redesign, but I can help at any time.

Still Not Sure?

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