Social Media

Success in social media requires creating content that informs, entertains or inspires, and then strategically working in marketing strategies in ways that people don't notice. My viral social media posts sometimes garner 100k+ views, with my most popular posts at 850k and 4.88 million.


Your website is the face of your company. I create website content, manage metadata, advise on design and flow (UX consulting) and manage the CMS. I am not a developer, but I built this website in Wordpress and have maintained many sites on the platform for clients.

Email Marketing

My email campaigns consistently outperform industry averages. I can help you create promotional emails, drip campaigns, nurture campaigns and newsletters that can be sent according to your existing segmentation and/or to support sales team activities.


Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and content mills. Today, content is ranked by usefulness, depth and authority. I have a proven ability to tell a story that engages readers and to share my content appropriately through various digital channels.

Thought Leadership

As content becomes an increasingly important part of a marketing strategy, so does positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry. I have ghostwritten for executives and physicians, and have managed the production of authoritative new content for businesses.

Professional Editing

I am a former managing editor and I now work as an editor-in-chief of my own publication. I edit for flow, grammar, effectiveness, branding, accuracy and style. I generally edit according to AP Style, but I also edit according to the Chicago Manual of Style as required for certain projects.


SEO and SEM are two different digital marketing strategies - one using keywords and content, the other using paid advertising. Most of my clients prefer a mix of social media advertising and Google ads for their SEM. I use SEO for website copy when it makes sense, and as needed for content.

Sales Enablement/Training

Creating a cohesive message between the sales and marketing teams is essential for growing a business. Proper sales enablement gives the sales teams the tools, training and collateral they need to follow up on marketing campaigns, present a strong message and ultimately close a sale.

Storytelling is Key

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