These are very limited content samples. Use them as a starting point.
Most strategic marketing samples (like full email campaigns, editorial calendars, presentations or documentation) are proprietary and/or confidential. These can only be sent via email or Dropbox.
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Website Copy

Note: Websites are always changing, and therefore it is hard to maintain live links over a period of time (clients do not always program 301 redirects properly). In some cases I linked to a specific static page that is unlikely to change. In others, I linked to a Word document with the content. Please request specific samples if you do not find what you need here.

Google Ads

Google has updated its character limitations and other formatting options for ads. These ads were created under old guidelines, have since been replaced to meet the new guidelines, and therefore can be shared as samples.

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Case Studies

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"Elizabeth blends an understanding of technical, creative and business needs in her writing. The result is copy that achieves both the attention-getting goals and technical acumen needed to stand out from our competitors and interest prospects."

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