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Why Choose Me

Why Choose Me


Elizabeth is a true professional. She is collaborative, easy to interact with, and very timely in her responses. The quality of her writing is exceptional! She also forecasts schedules very effectively and maintains a solid awareness of timelines. I look forward to working with her on future projects!

Cijoy Olickal
Managing Director, ClearAjna LLC

White Ocean Consulting is laser focused solely on strategizing and developing effective, high quality digital communications. I also have a number of testimonials to back up my work.

I believe that the power behind any successful written communication is an understanding of the audience, an ability to weave in appropriate messaging, and a dose of creativity. Exceptional writing requires specialized skills that have been honed over years (or decades) of practice, and this is what I offer clients. Any business owner or marketing professional will tell you that good writers are hard to find.

I Am a Writing Business. Period.

White Ocean Consulting is purposely a small business that is focused in a fairly specific area. I do what I do best; I am not trying to be an ad agency monster. This allows me to charge lower fees while also offering exceptional writing. Some tidbits to note:

  • I am more cost-effective than a salaried employee (no benefits, taxes, etc.)
  • My fees are generally much lower than larger marketing agencies (I have low overhead costs, so I don’t have to price gouge to make a profit)
  • I have the same high caliber skillset you would find in a salaried professional (I just choose to not be on salary)
  • I offer personalized relationships and a small roster (therefore I can pay good attention to detail)

Companies choose me to bulk up their marketing activities or content output without having to hire additional staff. Sometimes they ask me to do all of the copywriting work, rather than utilizing the copywriter at the digital marketing agency they have engaged, because I can save the company significant money while also providing higher quality content.

Experience and Education Matters

I am not just starting out. In fact, I am not even mid-level.

White Ocean Consulting provides professional services based on over a decade of experience and a highly educated (and highly practiced) writer. I have worked in corporate America as well as with agencies, in startup environments, in HR, and even in IT departments. I am the same person you would hire internally for your top communications position – but at a much lower overall cost.

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I Am Committed to Producing Exceptional Written Communications

I specialize in healthcare and health IT, but am adaptable to most industries and topics.