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About the Company

About White Ocean Consulting

White Ocean Consulting is based in Dallas, Texas. The company focuses on copywriting, content strategy, technical writing and internal communications, primarily for corporations and medium- to large-sized businesses. It also provides ghostwriting services, WordPress maintenance/content updates, graphic design, and a few other offerings.

Company Mission

White Ocean Consulting takes pride in its ethical business practices, commitment to hard work, and the personal relationships it cultivates with clients. The goal is to produce exceptional written communications – whether in the digital marketplace or within the walls of your company.

Specialty Areas

Some of Elizabeth’s major industries and focus areas include:

  • Healthcare/hospitals
  • IT (computer software, SaaS)
  • Documentation and training
  • Internal communications
  • Commercial construction and building supply
  • B2B (all types and industries)
  • Pharmacy/laboratory
  • Dentistry/Endodontics

It is important to remember that skilled writers are able to write about anything; the skill comes in how the writer presents information rather than in being a SME. Elizabeth generally uses a SME as a resource for her work, or she becomes one herself through research.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth C. Haynes has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Kansas State University (2003) and completed some graduate coursework in instructional design at The University of Wisconsin-Stout.

In her first position out of college, she completely took over all technical and internal department communications within six months of employment. She then moved on to an international corporation, where she managed business and technical communications on both a local and global scale.

Elizabeth spent three years at a healthcare IT start-up where she created a wide mix of technical, business, marketing and web communications. She created three help systems from scratch and co-managed two others. Her work there also exposed her to true marketing copy, branding and strategy – which she proved to have a knack for as well.

From 2010 to 2013, Elizabeth’s work shifted to curriculum and instructional design for both corporate HR settings and public education. She provided e-learning and blended learning solutions to the largest supply chain corporation in the aerospace and aviation industry, and then focused her efforts on helping design, develop and evaluate new curriculum for a large renal pharmacy. These efforts included managing teams of trainers and employees (10+ people) on large training initiatives, and facilitating training classes.

Striking Out On Her Own

Elizabeth began her own independent writing and consulting business in 2009 while still working in corporate America. She took her business full-time in mid-2013 and rebranded in early 2016 for a more professional presence.

When she’s not working, Elizabeth enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, practicing yoga, watching old movies on TCM, and spending time with her husband and two rescue cats.

I Am Committed to Producing Exceptional Written Communications

(Especially the complex and "boring" stuff that is often the hardest to communicate effectively.)