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Well Hello, Nice To Meet You

White Ocean Consulting is an ethical writing business that offers truly professional service while striving to be different. If you stumbled upon my website because you’re looking for a writer, good news! You’re in the right place.

Before I lose you to a mega agency, have you considered the cost savings of hiring an independent professional for your communications needs?

The thing about a traditional agency is you’re paying for things that don’t matter. Cushy “agency stuff” like catered lunches, fancy offices, an AP department, or maybe a ping pong table. Sometimes you’re also paying for people who do jobs that you don’t need.

What you really should be paying for is content and talent, when what you are looking for is content and talent. The end.

What I Do

Once you get to know me, you’ll see that I’m sort of a chameleon. Which, to be honest, is what a good writer should be.

I have more than 14 years of experience in corporations, startups and agencies. I’ve been independent since 2013 because I wanted more control over my projects and personal life. I’m not a hobbyist or a moonlighter; I’m a professional who simply no longer wanted to be stuck in a cubicle (ok, there was that one time when I had an office).

Most people like to use me for websites, consumer-facing content, technical writing or internal communications. My favorite type of work is informational or explanatory in nature so I do gravitate toward those types of projects. I am also an exceptional copyeditor and have a talent for fixing problematic communications.

As you make your business decisions, consider the following facts:

  • Google ranks content readability as one of its strongest factors for SEO (meaning clear content that is well-researched and is free of grammatical errors).
  • “Sticky” content that holds reader attention and prevents a return to search results is also king (gone are the days of outsourcing to cheap writers solely for bulk).
  • Authoritative, high quality content allows companies to build backlinks and a social media presence, which is important for rankings and overall growth.

I know that what makes writing successful is an understanding of human behavior and thought, plus a dose of creativity. I also know that exceptional writing takes years of practice and a dedication to the craft. I do this one (really important to your business) thing, and I do it well.

Grow Your Organization With Quality Content

Words are powerful, and too many organizations skimp on their writing talent. It usually comes back to bite them in the form of failed marketing campaigns, ineffective websites, increased calls to the support desk, ignored e-blasts, or poor conversions.

My goal is to:

  • Deliver useful information, provide entertainment, and create more personal relationships through content
  • Offer up words on your website, blog, emails or even intranet that your audience enjoys and connects with
  • Give your customers words that motivate, that sell, that engage, that tell a story
  • Show you how to use the English language to do more than just create sentences

Step one? Choosing the right writer to take you there (cough, me?).

I invite you to browse my website to learn more about how I’m different. Read some case studies. Take a look at some testimonials.

Or dive right in and browse my servicesI look forward to hearing from you!

Working with Elizabeth has been a true pleasure. She has learned about our subject matter quickly, and provided deliverables under an extremely tight deadline. More importantly, she has been able to skillfully craft copy and messaging that is engaging and effective. Plus she is incredibly pleasant to work with! I would recommend her without hesitation.”

White Ocean Consulting Specializes in Written Communications

(Especially the complex and "boring" stuff that is often the hardest to communicate effectively.)